“THE AQUABATS SUPER SHOW!”…kommt endlich ins TV

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Für alle, die es noch nicht mitbekommen haben. Die ”THE AQUABATS SUPER SHOW!” wird im amerikanischen Fernsehen ausgestrahlt. Hier die Nachricht von http://theaquabats.com:

And lastly but BESTLY!!!  FINALLY, It can be announced … after almost 15 years of trying… !!! THE AQUABATS SUPER TV SHOW is coming to your television! Read this official press release!! IT IS INSANE!!

The Aquabats Super Show” (Hub Original Series)
From the creators of “Yo Gabba Gabba” comes this quirky comedy adventure show featuring the popular rock band The Aquabats.  A hybrid of concert footage, live-action skits and animation, the Aquabats battle evil with music and superhero powers unlike any seen before.  The Aquabats are a touring band formed in 1994 with five albums currently released. Produced by Fremantle Media and The Magic Store.

That is correct, homeys and homergirls, The Aquabats show is coming to HASBRO’s THE HUB channel. Wedged between Transformers and GI Joe will be the most exciting musical adventure show ever starring your favorite band, The AQUABATS!! We can hardly believe it is true ourselves! We have partnered up with our pals at the Magic Store and with Freemantle Media to produce and make 13 initial episodes of the greatest show about a super hero rock band of donut loving pals ever to have been dreamt of!! And since 13 is such a lucky number and the Aquabats are SO all about luck… YES YES TO THE WHAT WHAT!!  Stay tuned for more updates and an upload of the pilot that won the hearts of the programming team at the Hub… and led to years of negotiations…!! Well the deal is done and here come the AQUABATS!!!


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Der Trailer oben ist natürlich noch Promo-Material der alten Serie.